Artisanal Chocolate Mousse Taste it All [Nationwide Shipping]


Taste all of our flavors with this package that includes all classics and innovative flavors available at the Mousse Bar.


This package includes 1 dozen of 3oz mousse cups:

3 x Dark Chocolate Mousse

3 x Hazelnut Praline Mousse

2 x White Chocolate Mousse

2 x Matcha

2 x Passion Fruit & Ruby Chocolate


Our Artisanal Chocolate Mousses are made in small batches in East Harlem using the finest Belgian Chocolate Callebaut and fresh cream from Upstate NY.

Dark Chocolate Mousse - our most popular selection, the Classic Belgian Chocolate Mousse is made with 70% Cacao. It has a wonderfully balanced chocolate bite to it: not bitter and not too sweet.

Hazelnut Praline - a delightful nutty flavor paired with sweetness of praline. This mousse is light and tastes of candied hazelnuts

White Chocolate - a very light mousse, both in flavor and texture. Pairs very well with all our other flavors.

Matcha - made with high quality and organic ceremonial grade matcha, this mousse has a smooth green tea flavor with earthy after notes and a thick, creamy texture.

Passion Fruit & Ruby Chocolate Mousse - if you like passion fruit you will love this flavor: a strong fruity tartness with a lovely sweet finish.