Donation to Front Line


"Treat Packages" of coffee lattes + mousse cups 


For the last 2 weeks we have been delivering

to our local hospitals: Mount Sinai and Metropolitan.

And now we have been receiving requests from other hospitals and need your help to send a little break to more of the real heroes of our days.


Each "treat package" cost $7.50 (1 latte + 1 mousse cup).

We are matching all donations: you buy one and

we will deliver 2. Its our way of giving back. 


Basic - Latte + Mousse to 6 healthcare workers $22.50

Ward - Latte + Mousse to 18 healthcare workers $67.50

Dept - Latte + Mousse to 42 healthcare workers $157.50

ICU - Latte + Mousse to 120 healthcare workers $450

Hospital - Latte + Mousse to 300 healthcare workers $1.125


#FindyourMomentofJoy when you Give a Moment of Joy to the ones fighting in the front lines.

Send a note to our heroes!! Please email me what you would like to tell them: 

You can also choose what hospital / department / person you would like it delivered to.


**** Please note on the checkout your address will be asked BUT we will NOT send it to you. It will be delivered to the hospital. This is a limitation in our online store.