We believe simplicity is sweet; the freshest ingredients are everything and chocolate is heaven.
We believe in keeping things light. We believe in keeping things cool.
We believe in family traditions, Belgian artistry and American dreams.
We believe in the little things, like our naturally delicious mousse.


Chef Johan

“My philosophy as a Chef is simple:
few, fresh and highest quality
ingredients makes the perfect plate.”


When I moved to NY from Belgium to work as Executive Chef to the Belgian Ambassador to the UN I often served my chocolate mousse in the official lunches and dinners, until it became my signature dessert: secretaries of honorary guests would call in advance for the special dessert request. Soon after, I started receiving orders of my mousse for private events, and that is how it all began.

It was in the kitchen that would spend most of my time, after my parents divorce when I was 6 years old, watching my grandfather Jozef, a local baker in Old Antwerp. Those were the days where everything was made fresh daily and organically sourced from local farmers. I made my very first batch of chocolate mousse when I was 8 years old following “bompa” Jozef traditional techniques and a simple yet secret recipe. It was only later in life that I came to realize that those precious moments next to my grandfather in the kitchen has taught me much more than just great recipes but priceless life lessons, including my standards as a professional Chef.

Mojo—a short cut for Mousse by Johan—brings the magic of those old times, when we would easily source all ingredients from local farmers, when we did not have to worry about weird ingredient names we can not even pronounce or foods that are loaded with preservatives that can last years inside a can. It is in this spirit, that today i invite you to have a taste of my childhood, a taste of real Belgian chocolate mousse, a taste of Mojo: Pure magic!

I hope you enjoy it as it represents my every path to get here. From my Belgian heart to your savory taste buds.

mojo chocolate mousse